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Question 1: Is there any performance difference between the 260B and the 322B? Just ordered the 260B 02/23/15.

Answer 1: The only difference would be that you will lose about 5/6 feet of distance (without using the filter) depending on shooting video or still photographs. (By CHANDAN S. on February 26, 2015 )

Question 2: The product description states that the color temperature is "white:5500k." but the photo of the back of the unit states 7500k. which is correct? 

Answer2 : It is adjustable (By Donald R. Healer on December 30, 2015 )


Question 3: Does it need to use other charger to charge the extra battery (sony NP-F550?

Answer 3:  The light doesn't come with a charger. It comes with battery inserts for sony, canon, etc. The light also can take "AA" batteries. It has no built in charger. So you would need your own charger. (By James Arcuri on October 1, 2015 )


Question 4: How easy is it to place an NP-F550 battery? Does it stay in well? Thanks.

Answer 4: It works well I use a rig on the camera and place the light on the rig. More stable better inertia. (By James Arcuri on February 24, 2015 )


Question 5: I want to use a power supply that converts 120v to 9v. how many ma does this unit draw?

Answer 5: Sorry to reply so late. Operation current: <=2A (By AmaCam on January 11, 2016 )

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