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Mcoplus UHF-WMU96 Wireless Microphone

   Mcoplus UHF-WMU96 is an wireless microphone with dual-transmitter triggered by one receiver, it utilizes UHF wireless FM technology and high-resolution lattice screen, 16-level adjustable volume, and integrated into LCF(Low Cut Filter Mode), Auto-scanning, Auto IR Channel-match, stereo/mono swithchable audio mode, RF signal strength adjustment, MIC/LINE IN input dual selection, power monitoring at receiver end, sound pickup dynamic display, backlight adjustment and other functions, at the same time with strong shielding anti-noise performance, it's a high-quality microphone to broascasting level.


Main Features:

*use 2X AA Battery

*Manual or Auto IR Sync

*Transmitter Power Monitor

*Audio Dynamic Display Bar

*LCF Low Cut Filtering Mode

*16 Level Volume Adjustment

*Adjustable RF Signal Strength

*Lattice LCD Display, High Resolution

*Mono/Stereo Swithchable Output Modes

*ABS Manufacturing, Excellent Shielding

*Auto-scanning for Quick Channel Selection

*Used for Multiple Devices Working Together

*Low -consumption, Super-long Standby Time

*Dual Transmitters Triggered by One Receiver, 1/2 Double Group Options

*Working Distance is Up to 120m(120m in Open Area, 80m in Barrier Area)


Product List:



1*English/Chinese User Manual

2*3.5mm Mic Audio Input Cable 

1*3.5mm-3.5mm Audio Output Cable 

1*3.5mm-XLR Audio Output Cable 

2*Belt Clip 

1*Cold Shoe

1*Plastic Carrying Case

1*Mcoplus Original Package











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